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Each Trust School retains their own delegated budget managed by the school leadership team.

The Funding Agreements for the schools are with the Trust; however the Trust delegates almost all the resource direct to the schools to ensure maximum possible benefit to the pupils. From September 2018 the Trust delegates 96% of the funds to the individual schools, a much more favorable figure than most Trusts and we believe more positive than the 95.5% average national figure from the previous year.

Any amount retained by EAT is to ensure the EAT budget covers an increasing but very effective central support service, covers the cost of operating a MAT and driving the wider vision.

Members and Trustees are aware that this figure, dependent on growth of the Trust and issues faced, may vary year on year but the commitment remains of ensuring maximum funding in each school.

Consolidated accounts are kept linking all the schools and the EAT budget which feed into the accounts as audited each year by M+A Partners.

Individual schools are supported in their finance work by the CEO, Graham Ginn (Educator Solutions), Mrs Girdlestone the Business Manager, Ms Bennett and Mrs Wright.

For financial and business enquiries please contact our Business Manager; Mrs M Girdlestone.


Tel 01603 981210


The work of the Business Manager and Chief Accounting Officer is overseen at Board level by an Audit Committee currently comprising Directors, Mr Jeffries and Mr Rich.


All our schools are in receipt of their Pupil Premium allocations and Sports Premium allocations.

Details regarding the amounts received, spending plans and impact summaries are available from each school via the weblink to that school on the Our Schools page of this site.