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Support Services and Pupil Premium Reviews

The Trust has deliberately built capacity in order to support Trust schools, any schools that may be sponsored within the Trust and to provide support services to any school or individuals requiring support, guidance or challenge. We have a long and successful track record in all forms of school support and are happy to travel to other schools or invite you to come to our own training facilities in our Trust schools. You can be assured that we will use our wide experience within the Trust to provide the best support dependent on your need; our evaluations over many years evidence our success in this area.

Key to our support is our Central Education Team – their brochure follows or click the link;

CET Brochure 2017



Our Central Education Team (C.E.T.) is comprised of both in-school practitioners and external consultants.

Their purpose is to facilitate and support the development of an empowered, skilled and dynamic work force who are equipped to deliver the EAT strategy resulting in the very best outcomes for pupils in all schools within the Trust.

The EAT strategy

Our strategy is built on an unrelenting moral purpose of making sure every young person reaches their full potential; we aim for high attainment, high equity and high enjoyment.  Pupils should know, whatever their background or ability;

  • If they need support or challenge that they will receive the appropriate help.
  • That they belong and that their parents are involved in their education.
  • They are being assessed, that they understand the objectives set and what they need to do to improve their work and learning.
  • They will receive engaging experiences and will use IT to support their learning.

EAT will;

  • Address educational performance and improvement issues in all schools, not just borderline cases or schools in Special Measures.
  • Provide teachers with the tools to guarantee their success in ensuring our pupils excel. Our quality assurance and improvement frameworks and target setting procedures are aimed to maximise the potential of each and every young person and employee in all schools. Our rigour will sit alongside a relevant curriculum, which will improve outcomes in our organisation.
  • Utilise the new organisational opportunities available through the Academies programme to increase the membership of the Trust.
  • Develop a new model of learning, fit for the 21st century, which meets the pupil’s needs.
  • Co-construct a workable model with each school, taking into account their individual needs, rather than impose a model.
  • Promote an all-through curriculum model, easing transition at all points from 2 to 18.
  • Be creative in the process of attracting the highest calibre of staff to our Trust schools and ‘grow our own’ to aid our sustainability.
  • Ensure our pupils are literate and numerate and have good IT skills. We aim for them to be encouraged, at all ages, to be; problem-solvers, collaborators and resilient learners who accept challenge.
  • Aspire to excellence; we are not satisfied with comfortably improving. We want to be the best that we can be, in terms of the success and progression of our pupils and in the provision of our services.
  • Concentrate on education and the individuals in our organisation. We are set up to allow our academic staff to focus on pupils and our support staff to focus on customer service, to provide an inclusive education to all pupils.
  • Encourage all parts of our organisation to see themselves as equal partners with a shared common aim as described above. Collaborative working will provide opportunities for progression across organisations for staff.
  • Create the relevant and quality systems, processes and procedures required to ensure that individual schools and staff are both supported in achieving excellent results for pupils and also monitored and evaluated so that their own performance is maximised.
  • Establish performance measures, agreed and monitored on a regular basis by the Chief Executive Officer and the Heads of each school and termly reports will be made to the Directors. Our performance measures will also include an element of aspiration designed to enable pupils to be ready to access the next stages in their school journeys.
  • Find opportunities to work with partners locally, regionally and nationally in educational and community initiatives.

Central Education Team role

The Central Education Team are available to support, provide guidance and challenge in all EAT schools and also schools throughout the region on request.

At the beginning of each year the strategic leads for English and mathematics, Katie and Alison, will provide an overview of priorities for the year ahead. These priorities will be derived from a combination of national data, STA and Ofqual intelligence and bespoke schools needs (from within the Trust). It is recognised that schools may also have their own additional priorities as well as the EAT priorities identified.

The EAT priorities will be written in a manner which allow each school to tailor them whilst adhering to the principles set. Guidance is provided against each priority and is offered to support and scaffold where needed. The strategic leads for English and mathematics will work closely with the school subject leads to ensure high levels of progress and achievement for all pupils and pupil groups in each school and will report at least termly direct to the CEO on the impact of the combined work of the Central Team.

Meetings with the Central Team are planned in advance for Headteachers and the same applies to meetings and moderation events with subject leaders. All schools are required to attend these. Meetings will be held in the Norwich and Lowestoft area to make travel arrangements as equitable as possible.

Meetings are at no cost to EAT schools. Currently the majority of the Central Team are salaried to the individual schools where they work and it is hoped that where they assist in others EAT schools this can be covered in a reciprocal manner as befits the ethos of the Trust. Some Central Team members are employed directly by EAT.  Where these personnel work directly in school they will be charged to the school at a heavily discounted rate of only £100 a day for the academic year 2017 – 2018.

In 2017 – 2018 the Central Team will concentrate on English and mathematics exclusively. The intention is that through working with subject leaders and nominated specialist teachers future capacity for sustainable improvement can be developed across the Trust. There is no reason in the future why such personnel may not lead in other subject areas across the Trust or become members of the Central Team themselves either in school or with the Trust. By working closely together issues common to more than one school can more efficiently be addressed and colleagues with a working knowledge of more than one school in the Trust will be able to support more widely and more effectively.

Central Education Team members as at September 2017

Tony is the CEO of an established MAT with Primary Schools in Norfolk and Suffolk, a Trust that includes schools where Tony was the successful Partnership Principal for many years. He is a National Leader of Education with a wealth of experience of leading partnerships and in particular leading schools out of Special Measures, specialising in the development of school leadership teams. He is a listed as a NCTL Pupil Premium Reviewer and additionally advises widely on Governance and all aspects of the Academy programme.  Tony sits on the DfE Primary Heads Reference Group and was the winner of the Headteacher of the Year Award in 2010.

Alison taught mathematics from EYFS to KS3 before becoming a mathematics adviser. Previous roles included teaching on the PGCE mathematics programme for The University of Cambridge, external examiner for The University of Manchester and consultant for Cambridge International Examinations. Alison is the chair of the National primary ATM/MA group and is the primary co-ordinator for NRICH. She has recently acted as an independent adviser for Ofqual and is part of the 2019 Expert Group for the KS2 NC tests with STA. She has co-authored two books and is currently writing the third.

Katie is an experienced primary education adviser with a specialism in English. As well as advising and supporting at a strategic level she is also skilled in both training and working alongside staff at all levels. Most recently Katie was appointed by the DfE and the Standards and Testing Agency, as an Independent Educational Expert, to support national assessment at KS2, in addition to her role as a Norfolk LA moderator.

Sue is an English graduate and is a middle school trained teacher with 27 years of experience, including teaching Latin part time at High School. She is currently the English coach and Assistant Head at Elm Tree Primary. She has also supported other schools within the Trust and continues to pursue her passion for Latin through its introduction as a primary language in both Dell and Elm Tree Schools.

Claire began her career in the secondary sector, teaching English, before taking the post of English Co-ordinator at Beccles Middle in 2001, where she taught until its closure.  During her time there, she became a Leading Teacher for Suffolk, working with colleagues from other schools in a coaching capacity.  She reduced her working hours and role after the birth of her children, but has continued to use her English teaching experience in primary school settings, until being appointed as English Coach at Dell Primary in 2015.

For the past 10 years Ray has been working in education and has experience of teaching in different schools across London, Suffolk and Norfolk. He has been able to develop his teaching skills each year and has been regularly judged as outstanding. His main strength is working with teachers and pupils to bring the maths curriculum to life. His current role as Acting Headteacher enables him to develop skills in other areas such as action planning, curriculum development, staff training and leadership.

Becky has worked in Education for over 20 years. She has taught across the full primary age range, including EYFS. She has lived and worked in Norfolk throughout and taught in a range of schools. She joined the advisory service 10 years ago where she was a maths advisor and thoroughly enjoyed having the privilege of working with a wide range of teachers, teaching assistants and senior management. After the county re-structure (and the birth of her son) six years ago, she went back to teaching part-time and also began working independently as a maths consultant, which she continues to do when she is not at EAT. Becky continues to work with Educator Solutions as an associate consultant and is involved closely with the preparation of Year 2 teachers for maths moderation. She joined Evolution Academy Trust in January 2017, where she works part-time as a maths coach, based at Elm Tree Primary where she has been supporting there and Dell Primary.

Paul has taught the entire primary age range over his teaching career. He started work in a large junior school, taught in Primary schools in Peterborough and then became Deputy Head teacher in a rural primary school in Cambridgeshire. With the introduction of the National Numeracy Strategy he became a Maths adviser for Cambridgeshire supporting Infant, Primary and Special Schools. He then continued his Maths adviser work in Norfolk for 10 years also taking a lead in assessment and ICT. Following this he became Headteacher of a Norfolk Primary school for 4 years. With the introduction of the New National Curriculum he decided he could influence maths teaching more by leading on maths training and now works for 3 different Initial Teacher Training consortiums and mentoring trainee teachers. One day a week you will find him supporting the leadership team of a very successful Norwich Primary School and still teaching.

Mark knows the education landscape of our region very well as a teacher for over 30 years in North Suffolk / Norfolk. He has completed 4 Headships and been an Executive Headship in Norfolk over the last 16 years. His current post is as Headteacher at Coltishall Primary, which was rated an Outstanding school in all areas December 2013. He is also a Pupil Premium Reviewer, Local Leader of Education, and a Consultant for NB2B. He has worked with London Leadership Strategy and been Chair of Broadland Cluster of Schools for 6 years. Mark has been appointed as CEO Designate of EAT. He will work alongside the current CEO, during his last two terms of office, to ensure a seamless handover and provide extra capacity in the Trust.

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The Trust keeps up to date with all aspects of development of Multi Academy Trusts and in July 2016 is working with the National Schools Commissioners Office on ideas to ensure that as the Academy programme progresses this adds true value to the school system. Our input to such work has been acknowledged in the document, ‘Suggestions for ambitious trusts’ found in the following link.

CE Growing MATs – Suggestions for ambitious Trusts FINAL 2

Our evaluations over many years evidence our success in this area of work.

We have found the entire process to date incredibly useful. It has supported our school evaluation process, increased staff accountability and prompted us to review, amend and implement new initiatives to narrow the gap for our PP pupils. Feedback has always been very constructive, pro-active and realistic and certainly provided lots of discussion amongst the Leadership Team.

Norwich Primary School Headteacher 2016 following a Pupil Premium Review

As a school that is looking to move from Good to Outstanding, we sought advice and support from Tony Hull. The Leadership Team was very pleased that he was able, in a very short time, to identify, not only our many strengths, but also key areas for development. Furthermore, Tony provided the school with some very practical ideas for the quick fixes along with structures and ideas for more strategic planning. His wide experience of many school settings enabled him to provide pragmatic solutions to difficulties we had already identified and his intuitive sense of what makes for effective learning provided us with a platform on which to build our school improvement. I look forward to the opportunity of working with Tony again.

P McCreadie, Headteacher

You are working with a National Leader of Education who both advises and challenges the progress you are making; his work has been a strong factor in ensuring you have not become complacent as improvement has been realised.

HMI monitoring visit report 15.10.14 St Felix Catholic Primary School

Dear Tony I hope you had a safe and trouble free return journey to Norfolk. I would like to say a big thank you for your excellent contribution to our head’s conference with the right balance between input and discussion. It was very inspiring and heads enjoyed the opportunity to reflect/discuss and network. I very much appreciate how you changed your commitments around to accommodate us. Thank you so much. I will be in touch again as I would love to visit your schools.

Best Wishes Bev B Swain Headteacher

The advice and professional support was instrumental in helping me to clarify plans for the future development of the school.  To have the knowledge and expertise of a fellow professional well-experienced in handling the issues I am dealing with allowed me to ask very specific questions.  As a result, the advice I received was tailored to our issues at this school rather than a more general problem-solving response.

V Long, Headteacher